December 29, 2008

The Schedule - Now More Official!

So after a great Christmas, yet still pre-New Year, I am ready to commit to my new schedule. Not that I haven't been doing anything in the meantime, but in order to accomplish anything, I must have two things: 1)A goal and 2) a schedule as a means to accomplish the goal.

So without further rambling, my schedule for the next few weeks is as follows:

Monday: weights, lunchtime run
Tuesday: swim, trainer
Wednesday: weights, lunchtime run, maybe hit the indoor track and start speed work
Thursday: swim, trainer
Friday: weights, lunchtime run
Saturday: take Hannah to the pool, maybe ride the trainer if Hannah will let me
Sunday: snowshoe, bike ride, long run, snowboard...pretty much anything so long as it involves being outdoors.

So far I am doing good. Except I forgot to bring my running stuff to work today. I'll try and get on the treadmill or go to the track later.

Now I know it seems like a lot. But really, it is sessions of 30-45 minutes. Except on Sunday, when I will escape as long as I can.

I've put my schedule on here to help hold me to it. I know I have a reader, maybe two, that follows these ramblings. Just knowing that they could give me shit if I don't follow the schedule is motivation to do it.

The schedule is not a New Year's Resolution either. I am not resolving to do anything I don't already do. I just require the structure.

As for my goals for the year, well, that is a little bit tougher. So far I am registered to run the Moab Half Marathon on March 20. Then there is the annual spring St. George biking trip I really want to be in shape for. After that it gets cloudier. I'd like to do at least two triathlons, maybe even more than one XTERRA, a couple of mountain bike races, and maybe a couple of charity runs or century rides. Stay tuned...

I had to get this out today, but I need to talk up my recent snowshoe adventures. I'll do that next time.

December 12, 2008

The Schedule

It's time again to write up "The Schedule."

As is workout schedule. This isn't the schedule I'll use when I decide which events I want to target, this is the schedule I'll use to get ready for tougher training. This will encompass really general workouts, most adaptation.

The hard part isn't the schedule. It's following. Age old dilemma for most of us, right?

I'm a little late this year. I am usually following some sort of program by now. Every year it gets a couple of weeks later it seems.

I'll start running short distances, up to about 5 miles, 3 times a week. I'll lift weights 3 times a week, swim 3 times a week, and spin on the bike trainer 2-3 times a week. Maybe, weather permitting, I'll sneak outdoors for a sojourn on the bike in the cold.

It's a lot to do. But I feel so much better when I can accomplish it. And, this spring when I head south for my annual cycling pilgrimage, maybe I'll be in good enough shape to actually enjoy myself for once.

December 9, 2008


I joined Facebook the other day.

And I honestly couldn't find an expletive that would accurately convey my thoughts about it. So I turned to my most reliable source in times like these, Dr. Seuss. I mean the man was brilliant, he's credited with coining the word nerd. As in bike nerd, as in moi.

Yet, even with help from the good doctor, I still found myself flummoxed. I couldn't find the word I needed, I must find this word, I pleaded!

But in my search for the perfect word that would appropriately explain my feelings, I found a quote, "Just tell yourself, Duckie, you're really quite lucky!"

Really quite lucky. I've said it here before, and I'll say it again, I am quite lucky, indeed.

Facebook then, for lack of a better word or lack of giveashitability (one of my words), is a little odd. I'm just going with odd on this one. After all, I'm in contact with people I haven't hardly thought of, let alone spoke to, since high school.

High school. That was a long time ago.

Still, it's pretty cool to see how people have changed, and how they haven't changed. Looks to be fun.

Oh, it snowed yesterday. It almost seems like Christmas.

December 7, 2008


34x18 is the gear ratio I just stuck on my singlespeed. Previously, I was turning a 34x20, which I found a little too low. The results of my first ride with the 34x18...a little too painful.

A lottle too painful actually. As in I had to walk up a hill.

I don't believe in walking up hills. If I have a bike handy that is.

So I feel like I've been beaten like a government mule by the oldest bike I have. My singlespeed is a converted Specialized Stumpjumper that I bought way back in 1993. The frame is steel so it rides pretty decent, and I have it set up with a rigid fork. I also have the aforementioned 34x18 gearing. My saving grace are the 180mm cranks. If the number one rule of riding a singlespeed is keep your momentum, the number two must be have long-ass cranks for leverage.

I think I may repaint the bike next spring, and I am really considering putting a suspension fork on it. I know there is a time and money commitment there, which means that in spite of the beating I took today, I think I need to ride it a little more. Not having the option to shift forces you to crank up hills and push yourself harder than you would on a geared bike.

Sound like fun to you? Me either...

December 4, 2008


I cannot believe it has been nearly a month since I've put pen to paper (so to speak).

I'm a leetle beet of a slacker these days.

And I can't recall a year when I've been sick so often.

But aside from disease and a lack of riding, running and swimming everything is going great. The lights are up on the house, the tree is up and the shopping is nearly done.

We spent Thanksgiving in St. George with Wifey's family. I meant to take the mountain bike but the weather wasn't cooperative. Except for the last day when we rolled some bike path on borrowed cruisers. The weather was great and there is something to be said for riding on a bike path when dragging kids in a trailer. St. George is full of paths. Most are attached to planned communities, but still... Combine that with the weather and I could live there. Seriously. No snow to move, warm, and I do love the desert. Sure, I'd miss the pines and summer would be a little slice of hell. But year around outdoor fun without a parka sound great as it is now a matter of time before I'm wishing I already bought my new snowblower.

Yeah, new snowblower. Makes me feel like a man there.

BUT! There is a lot going on right now, and a few choice stories to tell. So I'll just try and be a little more active - both here and at the pool.