December 29, 2008

The Schedule - Now More Official!

So after a great Christmas, yet still pre-New Year, I am ready to commit to my new schedule. Not that I haven't been doing anything in the meantime, but in order to accomplish anything, I must have two things: 1)A goal and 2) a schedule as a means to accomplish the goal.

So without further rambling, my schedule for the next few weeks is as follows:

Monday: weights, lunchtime run
Tuesday: swim, trainer
Wednesday: weights, lunchtime run, maybe hit the indoor track and start speed work
Thursday: swim, trainer
Friday: weights, lunchtime run
Saturday: take Hannah to the pool, maybe ride the trainer if Hannah will let me
Sunday: snowshoe, bike ride, long run, snowboard...pretty much anything so long as it involves being outdoors.

So far I am doing good. Except I forgot to bring my running stuff to work today. I'll try and get on the treadmill or go to the track later.

Now I know it seems like a lot. But really, it is sessions of 30-45 minutes. Except on Sunday, when I will escape as long as I can.

I've put my schedule on here to help hold me to it. I know I have a reader, maybe two, that follows these ramblings. Just knowing that they could give me shit if I don't follow the schedule is motivation to do it.

The schedule is not a New Year's Resolution either. I am not resolving to do anything I don't already do. I just require the structure.

As for my goals for the year, well, that is a little bit tougher. So far I am registered to run the Moab Half Marathon on March 20. Then there is the annual spring St. George biking trip I really want to be in shape for. After that it gets cloudier. I'd like to do at least two triathlons, maybe even more than one XTERRA, a couple of mountain bike races, and maybe a couple of charity runs or century rides. Stay tuned...

I had to get this out today, but I need to talk up my recent snowshoe adventures. I'll do that next time.

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