February 2, 2009

Three Years

In stark contrast to my normal entries about training, not training, wishing I were training, whining, being sick, etc. this is a lottle more personal.

January 31 marked the third year without my sister, and one of my yearly emotional ass-kickings.

Three years since liver cancer robbed her from our family. Her daughters, her niece.

It still isn't fair. It still pisses me off. It still isn't getting any easier.

I want to do more to prevent this from happening from anyone else, and I'm still trying to devise a scheme that will work. When I put it together, this blog will be the vehicle to communicate my progress.

In the meantime, even though the economy is whirling like a turd in a toilet, I encourage you to donate generously to the fight against cancer. It's tax deductible, it makes you feel good knowing you are helping others, and it might just lead to a cure.