September 26, 2013

Why I Don't Write More

And I'm back for another surprise installment. My blog is like Forrest's box of chocolates like that, you never know when you're going to get a new one. This mess started out as a way to chronicle the ups and downs in my sporting life. Sure, I've strayed off that course a wee bit but not very far, nor often. Honestly, I feel like a whiny crier face every time I log in as of late.

The trouble is, my sporting life hasn't been all that interesting the past few years. I have a big year then I take a year off. I had my big half iron triathlon and XTERRA four years ago. Yay! Took a year off. Last year was LOTOJA and I think I did a race report, but training was so boring I didn't want to relive the drudgery and crotch rash of eight hour rides. This year, another year off. So it follows, that this blog is going to sit idle.

I've thought about taking it into new realms. Talking about my attempts at golf, the monumental suck of running, Smarty Pants' soccer games ... whatever I have material for. I like guns. I could talk about guns. Politics and the destruction of the country? I could talk about it but I wouldn't like it, and neither would many of you enjoy my perspective. Plus, if I ever need a new job this blog may be plumbed by a prospective employer. In the words of Axl Rose, "Where do we go now? Where do we go?"

I'm not sure.

But this blog, however infrequently I contribute to it, does serve a purpose. It helps blows the cobwebs off of my brain and keyboard when new words for work just aren't coming through. See, this being creative shit isn't easy. I mean, it's probably easier for those like me than it is for a great many people. Just like math is easy for some people and their comprehension of something as unholy and formulaic as Algebra makes me want to punch those people in their windpipes — so to speak.

Still, I think I am going to keep plugging along. I'm going to make an especially big attempt to spend some extra time here in the coming months because winter. And I have a season pass for all the snowboarding I can handle. I'm hoping it all will ward off the seasonal affect disorder that I have officially diagnosed myself with. (Hey, I have a psych degree.)

On the sporting side, I have been running a bit and the legs are starting to come around, at last. What with LOTOJA last year and sort of an off year prior to that, I had lost my stride. But I have been earnest in making a return to running. Even tentatively planning some events next year — As I write, more and more topics come up. I still want to learn to skate ski this winter. Seriously considering trying to learn to play guitar. House projects that almost certainly will bring calamity from which hilarity will flow — which is why I'm here.