August 14, 2012

So, it's been a while.

My first entry in almost eight months — to the day. Eight months. How do I put eight months into just a few paragraphs?

I'm not even gonna try.

But I will say that winter sucked because there was shit for snow which meant that I decided to put Smarty Pants' ski lessons on hold lest she shatter her fragile little wrists. Noshoeing. (That is no snowshoeing. I like to play with words. They are my clay.) And my dreams of learning to skate ski also fell to the wayside. But I did manage a few mountain bike rides in February and March. And that summed up winter. Oh, and it was sorta cold.

Spring came. Moab Half Marathon. Slowest time ever. I guess I should have taken advantage of the warmer winter weather to train.

Happily it didn't rain and snow until July then turn 95° instantly like 2011. I was mountain biking pretty regularly. Then it happened. I got into LOTOJA in May. And that has pretty much been my sporting life. For the last few months I've been wearing my road bike like a necktie and riding it twice a week, three times if I am lucky, and telling myself how shitty it would be to go mountain biking. All the dust, you know. But times are changin'. With only a few weeks until I ride that gooch-shattering 206 miles from Logan to Jackson Hole, this weekend is my last hard training week and then it's all taper. Which means some mountain biking.

And maybe a race report.