July 21, 2010

The Wagon

So I hope to get back on the wagon. The blog wagon. I fell off, obviously and haven't done much in the last month. Busy. But, I have been getting down to business.

After RAGNAR, which was awesome other than a couple of raw-rubbing personalities and some minor stomach issues, I took a little break. I felt like I was ready for one after a long running schedule. Now when I run it isn't so great. I have a strange disconnect between my body and legs. Odd. I am coming around, though. Just takes time.

I have been riding and feeling better. Longer rides, 50 + miles. Building the endurance. Sadly, I have no climbing legs. My weight is staying down, but trying to get up hills is tough. Maybe I suffer from Lance Armstrong syndrome - I'm getting old. Again, it's coming around.

Swimming is going great. When I make it to the pool. I am up to 45 minutes non-stop and could keep going if I wanted. I swam at Bear Lake last weekend and had a good swim. Calmer than ever in the open water. That's good.

All this adds up to my coming half-Iron distance race in September: VIKINGMAN. First time ever at this distance. First time ever over sprint distance. If it goes well, I'll do XTERRA at the end of the month also. I should have decent form.

So that is some of what I am thinking about right now. More later.