December 9, 2008


I joined Facebook the other day.

And I honestly couldn't find an expletive that would accurately convey my thoughts about it. So I turned to my most reliable source in times like these, Dr. Seuss. I mean the man was brilliant, he's credited with coining the word nerd. As in bike nerd, as in moi.

Yet, even with help from the good doctor, I still found myself flummoxed. I couldn't find the word I needed, I must find this word, I pleaded!

But in my search for the perfect word that would appropriately explain my feelings, I found a quote, "Just tell yourself, Duckie, you're really quite lucky!"

Really quite lucky. I've said it here before, and I'll say it again, I am quite lucky, indeed.

Facebook then, for lack of a better word or lack of giveashitability (one of my words), is a little odd. I'm just going with odd on this one. After all, I'm in contact with people I haven't hardly thought of, let alone spoke to, since high school.

High school. That was a long time ago.

Still, it's pretty cool to see how people have changed, and how they haven't changed. Looks to be fun.

Oh, it snowed yesterday. It almost seems like Christmas.

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