May 3, 2011

Let There Be Light!

I must admit that this is the worst shape I’ve been in, this late in the spring, for years. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the weather. Again. Unlike previous years, this year has been extra wet and cold. Cold I can handle. Wet, less so. But both together are a deal breaker.

The sun has been trying to show itself more though, and it has been glorious. In the last week I’ve managed a pair of bike rides, one being the first mtb ride of the season, a couple of runs that have been less than pleasant and even made it back to the pool. The combination of sun and exercise has really motivated me. My attitude has improved — important because the amount of work in front of me is so overwhelming I want to hide until June, 2012.

I still have no fitness goals set for the summer. No LOTOJA this summer because I missed the registration deadline. I’ve also been waiting to see how much travelling I would be doing for work to set goals, lest I register for something and can’t make it because I am working on location. But it now appears most of my travelling will be in the fall and I am now free to commit to … something.

Maybe I’ll sign up for another half iron race; the Bear Lake race in August looks appealing. A trail running race might be different and interesting to try. Some mountain bike racing, a journey back to my racing roots, would be great. XTERRA long course? Maybe. Right now the summer is a blank slate and it’s feeling great to finally have the motivation to start filling it in.