December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2012!

I haven't posted since October. I could talk about why, believe me, I have excuses. But I won't trouble you. Here's to a new and improved me in 2012.

The first thing I am going to do is make a New Year's Resolution to get back to the old me. You know, the guy that doesn't jiggle when he runs and doesn't float in the water.

Now, the resolution is important because I don't believe in making resolutions. Maybe I haven't had the need in the past, or perhaps I just hate the idea of another failed promise to myself, but I despise the entire notion of New Year's resolutions. Which is why I am going to make one. I hope that the feeling of self loathing I get from doing it spurs me into action. Yes, it has come to this...

Don't try this at home, I am a trained professional. If you recall, a couple of years ago, I pledged to grow my hair until I competed in a half iron-distance race. I did it, did it, and my hair has been getting progressively shorter since courtesy of Wifey. New year, new pledge. Been there with the hair. What could I do as penance until I reach the goal of finding my lost fitness? Did the hair grow. Grow a beard? Too itchy and I look old. Denying myself of things just pisses me off. No coffee until I finish my workout? See how long that lasts. I'm weak. I couldn't think of anything to shave, grow, deny, treat, etc. that I thought would make me stick to a regimen. And I need one. NEED. Because I have really become an unmotivated sloth of a bitch-man this last year. Then it came to me, do some self-goading. It might work.

At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2012, I am going to resolve to get into a shape that isn't round. Then I am going to have a drink, because that is what I do on New Year's. To help me with my cause I am making races my goals. Races cost money. I won't invest in entry fees and show up ill prepared. Getting my money's worth does not mean I stay out on the course longer because I suck. I've already entered the Moab spring half marathon. I sucked it last year. My first goal is to have 100% less suck this year.

But I am not sure what else to do. Maybe another marathon. Maybe LOTOJA. Maybe another half iron. I'm really considering the Moab XTERRA in June. It is a qualifier for the nationals at Snowbasin. And how I would love to qualify to race in the smaller field. So it is an evolution at this point. I'll have to see how work, funds and Wifey's training goals fit in also. But I already feel optimistic. I do know that it is going to be 50° in Ogden this weekend and I am going to go riding or running on New Year's Day.

Hell, I might even post here more regularly.