May 21, 2014

I'm Here!

I'm still here! Which is not to say that I am back. Around is maybe the better way to put it.

Honestly, I didn't realize that I had not written about anything since September. But I lead a droll life, so there isn't much to mention. Just the holidays and a great winter of snowboarding with Smarty Pants who has taken to skiing like a fearless little duck to water. I age every time I go and watch her careening down the slopes with a careless abandon held only by those that have never crashed hard enough to bend backwards into the shape of a horseshoe. I didn't make it skate skiing either, yet.

Which brings me to this windy and reasonably wet spring that is taking it's time to be sprung. Now, in the waning days of May I find that I have been on one mountain bike ride and but a handful of road rides. Why not more? Part weather, part busy, part broken sewer pipe that cost $6,000.00 dollars to fix! Part turning 40 (eeeek!). But mostly I have spent the little free time I have training to run another marathon. The Ogden Marathon, specifically. And by marathon, I mean the 26.2 mile monster. Not a 5k held on the same day.

Now I know that you are just dying to know how it went. And I am going to tell you in my next installment. Which will happen in fewer than eight months.

I promise.