December 7, 2008


34x18 is the gear ratio I just stuck on my singlespeed. Previously, I was turning a 34x20, which I found a little too low. The results of my first ride with the 34x18...a little too painful.

A lottle too painful actually. As in I had to walk up a hill.

I don't believe in walking up hills. If I have a bike handy that is.

So I feel like I've been beaten like a government mule by the oldest bike I have. My singlespeed is a converted Specialized Stumpjumper that I bought way back in 1993. The frame is steel so it rides pretty decent, and I have it set up with a rigid fork. I also have the aforementioned 34x18 gearing. My saving grace are the 180mm cranks. If the number one rule of riding a singlespeed is keep your momentum, the number two must be have long-ass cranks for leverage.

I think I may repaint the bike next spring, and I am really considering putting a suspension fork on it. I know there is a time and money commitment there, which means that in spite of the beating I took today, I think I need to ride it a little more. Not having the option to shift forces you to crank up hills and push yourself harder than you would on a geared bike.

Sound like fun to you? Me either...


GenghisKhan said...

Hey. Just stumbled across yoru blog, fellow Utahn. I built up my first SS two season ago and enjoy it, but not all the time. I added front suspension and it makes it a lot easier (40 comes up pretty fast, too!), but I still maintain a full suss! Keep on single speedin'!

Duckboy said...

Thanks for reading, blogging is more than just therapy if I know someone else is getting some kicks.