May 2, 2009


Saturday morning and I am writing a blog post. Obviously there ain't much to do because it's raining again. Again. What a spring...

So I am procrastinating getting my training schedule together. Which is bad because I need more direction and must start fine tuning and strengthening my weak spots. I'm swimming pretty good. I feel like I am getting faster. But I really want to get into the lake before I start committing to many more triathlons. I still struggle, wondering if the stress of swimming in open water is worth it. It freaks me out that much. I also need some help running. I need to get a little faster.

We're also all sick, well, Smarty Pants is feeling better after two weeks with some sort of flu. Swine flu? Maybe. My sinuses are barely functioning and Wifey has the worst cough ever.

In retrospect, NOtivation isn't the best title for this post. In spite of it all, I feel rearing to go. Weather peritting, I can't wait to get out more. I want to start looking for my cruiser. I have some great ideas for that if I find one that needs work. Otherwise keep it classic.

Alright nature. How about a little cooperation?