August 31, 2010

And We're Back

Sort of back.

Perhaps regular posts might incite the few of you who read this to check in more often and maybe even keep new readers interested. But... I get lazy. And forgetful.

My personal failings aside, I'm less than two weeks from my first (last?) half iron-distance triathlon. My preparation , as usual, has been less than ideal. The only constant in my training is my constantly spotty. Still, it mostly gets done. Mostly.

Mainly due to work, a bout with strep and the general lack of focus that pervades my brain. (I just lost focus and went for coffee.) Still, I feel pretty much ready to finish under six hours. I think I am capable of a 30 minute swim, three hour ride and a two hour run. Add-in transitions and I should be right around six. If I can go better, so much the awesomer.

(I just surfed over to a couple of websites. Lost focus again.)

My biggest race day fears are the swim, nutrition and gastrointestinal distress. But I think I have them all covered. I've been doing a fair bit of open water swimming as of late, with just a couple of panic issues. (I just checked water temp for the Snake River. Almost 66 degrees.) I know I can do it. Water temps could be a factor for me. If it gets too cold I could have a problem keeping my face in the water. But I think I can overcome that by getting into the water early and making sure the cooler water isn't a shock to me. Nutrition is going to be gels, water, electrolytes and whatever else my body wants. I think I'll be able to handle that because I'm not going to be hammering it. Which will also hopefully keep my GI system in check.

Fingers crossed.

I guess I have an additional thing I struggle with: Is it worth doing at all? I mean racing costs money and I often wonder if it is worth it with my approach to doing it, which is mostly half-assed. Here has been my "training" schedule pretty much all summer.

Monday: Nothing or a short run
Tuesday: Swim and a run if I didn't run on Monday
Wednesday: Run if I didn't on Tuesday
Thursday: Swim and ride
Friday: Run
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Long ride with a short run afterward. Sometimes.

Now if you ask me, that isn't exactly the path to victory. There is very little intensity in the workouts as I am pushing more for endurance. It just seems so haphazard. Yet, with my schedule, I don't want a set training plan because I end up missing workouts and then get pissed and down on myself for it. And it all comes back to the question: Is it worth it if I am not putting as much as I can into it? Or maybe this is all I can put into it without robbing from other areas of life. Like family time. Or work time. Or project time.

Is it worth it? I don't know. But on September 11 I'm doing it anyway.