April 9, 2009


It has rained all f'n day and most of the week. ALL DAY. I guess it is spring, but this is ridiculous. I've only been riding a couple of times, and mountain biking has been nonexistent. The rain let up a little today and I really thought I could get out for a short run. But the deluge resumed and indoors I stayed. On the bright side, I have been getting into the pool. Why not, since it's supposed to be wet there I'll take advantage of it.

I get a little crazy when I can't get out and do something.

But swimming is good. I've been working on drills. That's it. Drills. Kick drills with fins and really focusing on moving from the hips instead of the knees. Fist drills to focus on pulling with the forearms. Sculling drills. Side drills...

The point is, I feel faster already. Whether or not I truly am is irrelevant.

I have some plans for the weekend. I have three days to make something happen between Easter events. Of course, it's all weather permitting.

April 6, 2009

Getting Serious. And Another Apology...

It appears Northern Utah will see a couple of spring-ish days this week. Yay. It seems almost anticlimatic (sic) at this point. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those years where the weather is icky and then it is 85° and fricking summer. No real spring season, just right into sweaty ass crack summer. Can't wait.

After an easy 27 miles on the road yesterday, I am going to lace up the running shoes at lunch today and hit the road for the first time since Moab. I've been stretching my calfs (calves?) and it appears that the tenderness has gone away. I'll be taking it easy, and don't think I'll be running the Morgan Half Marathon in two weeks. Sort of a bummer because it's on my birthday. But, weather permitting, I think I can find something to occupy my time.

With those updates, only swimming remains. I've decided to get serious about it - even more serious than usual. I am tired of sucking and want to improve so I have been taking a few steps to make it happen. First, I have been studying. I've been checking out books and DVDs from the library. Second, I started using the fins and doing drills. Third, I decided to purchase a Finis freestyle snorkel. This little gem not only makes you look like a fucking dork because it comes off the front of your face instead of to the side, but should allow me to focus on stroke mechanics without needing to breathe to the side. I think it will not only help my technique, but should help take the focus off the final thing, which is also where my second apology to the fairer sex comes in.

I bought a jammer swimsuit. Basically a lycra swimsuit, these suckers are cut long in the thighs and low in the waist. Now I wear lycra all the time to ride, but I wear a shirt. Said shirt covers my, uh, hangy over the waistband parts. Point is this: to all the ridicule I have ever given women for buying a swimsuit that is too small and exercising their way into it, or spending waaaaayyyy too much time in a fitting room trying them on, I apologise for anything I've ever said or thought. Because even though the jammer fits, I need to get serious about making myself look at lease decent in them.