January 13, 2009

The Ball is Rolling

A few weeks in and I have to admit that the training is going at least as good as I knew it would. Which is to say I am still lazy and missing a workout here and there.

I'm not perfect, after all. And with only the goal of the Moab Half looming, not super dedicated either.

Take yesterday for example. I was awake and down in the basement at 5:30 am doing some resistance training in the morning, but forgot to bring my warm sockies to work and missed my afternoon run. Why not run on the dreadmill after work? Because I chase Smarty Pants around, and the dreadmill sucks, and I conveniently left my shoes at work.

This morning I made it to the pool where I was reminded of just how shitty of a swimmer I am, but only after waiting for a lane. I love the New Years resolutioners. I can't say I am one of them because I never stop working out and swimming, I just get very sporadic.

I brought sockies today so I can run. See, I missed the run yesterday but will make it up today. But in doing so may not put the bike on the trainer and flog myself tonight. Still, I am doing something, so when the day comes and I finally settle on the events I am going to participate in, I'll at least have a base of fitness.