March 11, 2013

The Rut, Part II

This rut is EPIC.

I don't want to do anything. At all. And the stuff that I do is at half speed. I don't even sleep that great. And I have no explanation for any of it.

Maybe I am bored with the normal things I do and need some new challenges. A couple of the few people that I bother with my whining have told me I could be depressed. Maybe I just want a break because I've been training and competing for a long time. Other than working through a couple of injuries and Hannah being born, I haven't even slowed down very much. In spite of my current level of sloth, it isn't like there still aren't goals and challenges that I want to take on, this year.

For example, I think I want to run another marathon. It would be fun to do some mountain bike racing like the old days. And I really want to do the XTERRA long course this year. And maybe another half Iron triathlon before finally going for a full Iron. Nothing beyond my reach if I can start training.

Maybe daylight savings will be my savior. It kicked in yesterday so we will find out soon.