August 1, 2014

The Beard Challenge — Day XVIII

Weight: 161.8

I will run today. I will bike tomorrow. I will bike Sunday.

In between basement painting sessions, of course.

Biking will be much easier now that my road bike is all freshly cabled and bar taped. Work performed by yours truly. I say that biking will be easier now, but it isn't like I couldn't have ridden my mountain or cross bikes... I also installed a shorter stem in the hopes of being just a little more comfortable. I still think that both my road and cross bikes are too long for me. 53.5 cm top tubes and my short torso just don't match. I am now using 90mm stems on both. Maybe if I rode more my flexibility would improve, but a couple of years ago when I rode LOTOJA I don't recall it being much better. I miss my Lemond Zurich, that bike fit well.

Nothing new to report. Sloth has been somewhat effectively offset by menu choices. Seven pounds seems so within reach. Just working on consistency. I finally did one thing that will help: I wrote up a weight routine. Now, in the mornings when I am in the fog of sleep still, I can just look at this paper and hopefully get going instead of feeling so overwhelmed by the million exercises I could do that I do nothing.

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