August 12, 2014

The Beard Challenge — Day XXIV

Weight: 161.2

I need to pick it up or else I will be forced to increase my knowledge of Roman numerals.

The reason my weight has not ebbed is because I have done NOTHING to reduce it. Nothing. Well, I ran one day last week. Why? No good reason. I've been doing stuff like finishing out the basement, removing some wallpaper, and trying to save my zucchini plant from whatever is killing it. But I still have time to exercise. Like I said, no good excuse. So, I still have this rotten beard. But I am running out of shit to do, which is awesome.

Like I keep saying, it is about habit. Breaking old ones and starting new ones. I would like to say that signing up for a race would motivate me, but I doubt it would. Not to any degree anyway. It just has to come from inside and I guess that I just haven't found the mojotivation to get after it adequately. That said, I am starting to get a fat roll on my back. Like sort of higher up, below my lats. If that, plus my backfat, plus this hot, sweaty dust collector on my face isn't enough then I can't imagine what will be.

I'll think about it whilst running today, weather permitting. It has been a mild summer...

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