July 18, 2014

The Beard Challenge — Days II & III

Day II weight: 164
Day III weight: ???

Work happened again. Other than some cardio and core work on Wednesday morning, I didn't get much work in. So, nothing to really talk about. Then I got to bed VERY late because I was up all night working.

Thursday was better. A little bit of core in the morning because that is all I had time for after a late night working. I forgot to get a weight but I am sure that it was higher than I would be happy with. A decent mountain ride in the evening made up for missing out in the morning.

Building some momentum feels good, even though I am easing into a routine a little too slowly. Other than a night of pizza on Wednesday, I have been more mindful of my eating habits also. It's all a process.

When I started my beard penance, my goal was to return to 150 lbs. That is doable, but I that is also a race weight and I don't have any racing scheduled — other than maybe some cyclocross this fall. I think getting under 155 and staying there for a week is going to suffice. I just hope that the beard isn't concealing a double chin.  

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