July 21, 2014

The Beard Challenge — Day VII

Weight — ???

Yowza. I wouldn't call the weekend a total bust, but it was a partial. Friday had no workout love. Just too busy and lazy in the morning, I ate like crap, too. Saturday was a good day. I missed my strength training in the morning, but Smarty Pants and I went for a nice three mile hike. I came home and got hip deep into the task of re cabling my road bike. Sunday, well, Sunday was spent painting. The morning was a bust. I have a nasty mosquito bite that got infected and actually kept me awake itching. I finally succumbed to Benadryl, which made clawing my way out of bed and being more than a lump of crap next to impossible. I had a spark of inspiration to go on a road ride, then remembered that my road bike was not finished — I completely forgot I have a cyclocross bike hanging from the ceiling...

Which brings me to the subject of habit. My current habit is waking up and staggering downstairs to watch TV until I have enough coffee in my veins to function beyond rudimentary grunting and farting. By then it is too late to do anything other than hoe in the garden and then go to work. These aren't necessarily bad habits, just not very productive. (Except the garden rocks right now!) Breaking old and establishing new habits isn't easy, but it is going to be necessary if I ever want this hairy creature off of my face.   

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