July 15, 2014

The Real Day I of the Beard Challenge

Perhaps I got ahead of myself. I titled yesterday as Day I of the Beard Challenge. Which it was. But I didn't chronicle anything. This post is the first. Did you notice that I am using Roman numerals as my counting method? This could get really obnoxious.

Starting weight this morning: 164.

How did yesterday go? Just okay because truthfully, it is going to take a monumental effort to change my morning routine of coffee, the news, and gardening. Still, I managed 30 minutes of jumping rope, weights and core work. Work was pretty busy, and I missed my running window. After dinner, I trimmed and mowed the lawn which is saying something as my lawn is pretty good sized. Finally, I made it out for a 30-ish minute run.

So not too bad. As far as nutritional changes, I am focusing on water intake and fixing to start throwing cookies away when they come into the house.

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