February 15, 2010

Dis - Ease

Sick sick sick.

When Wifey hacks
And Smarty Pants sneezes
Green snot flows
Thick and easy as it pleases

Finally worn out
My immunity breaks
Now I'm coughing and blowing
Plus fever and aches

But I'm starting to feel better
Maybe it's not too late
To get into shape
For my mid-March Moab race

Like any time is a great time to get bronchitis and a sinus infection, now is terrible. The Moab Half Marathon isn't really in jeopardy, but being sick all last week and still feeling the effects this week is really going to affect my performance. I wasn't shooting for a PR, but wanted to at least do as good as last year. My longest run thus far has been about 6 miles and while it didn't kill me, I wanted to build up to about 12 miles before the run, which is now about a month away. If I am lucky I can build up to 8-9 without worrying about injury. Much. Fortunately I think my base is good enough that I can build my mileage up quickly and still run quick while having fun.

Here's to feeling better soon and my poetry skillz improving soon!

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