February 19, 2010

Avoiding Temptation

I like blogging. It's like a conversation I am not forced to constantly have with myself. I mean, while I like myself in a non-narcissistic way, my mind is usually racing from one thought to the next to the point I'd like to escape from myself for a while. Blogging doesn't give me an escape, but it lets me choose when I have to talk to myself and control the subject matter rather than just trying to sandbag and divert the flood of thoughts I often can't control. Yes, I could have some form of ADD.

But writing here isn't as free and easy as you might believe. There are soooo many things I'd lurve to go on about, but can't. I read stories often about employers reading employees' blogs or Facebook pages and the content causing problems. I also know that potential employers will likely search the internet for applicants information and things just like this. And since I mostly like the job I have but never know when I may want or need to find another one, I need to avoid the temptation of really saying what is on my mind.

It isn't just work. Every day life punches me in the taint with another challenge to overcome. Another doughnut not to eat. Another bike not to buy. Another something. As cathartic as it may be to just vent, I can't. There are too many feelings and too much that might go wrong.

(I just deleted a shitload of stuff that was here. It was very cathartic to write it but you don't get to read it.)

More lighthearted humor and bike stuff in the next post. Pinky swear.


Shaylee Hoellein said...

Heh heh... good point. I ramble too much sometimes. I should probably learn to shut my mouth. Ya digg???

Duckboy said...

Me digg.