January 18, 2010

A House of Fire!

2010 has been here for a couple of weeks and along with it additional motivation to accomplish the things I have been putting off. Sort of. Most of what I want to do involves being outdoors in the cold. So, not much of that has been getting done. Still, I have some motivation to get rolling once the weather warms up, and since we are on the downhill slope of the winter solstice days are getting longer!

I am still on the hunt for a half Iron distance race. I have found a couple and both times had the opportunities stolen by other commitments. Which is fricking irritating to say the least.

Training for said future race is going like a house of fire! My motivation is sustainable. I have been running, lifting, swimming some and biking on the trainer a little. I might be doing too much though. By Thursday the house has burned down and left me a blackened shell. My legs are sore and I just get tired. Might be the schedule that involves mostly two-a-day workouts...

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