December 31, 2009

Last Post of an Odd Year

2009 will soon be hobbling its old ass out the door to make way for the screaming brat that is 2010. Can't wait. Cuz, you know, 2010 will be so much different.

Right now all 2010 means to me is that the gym and pool will be packed until the middle of February. Then reality sets in and all the resolutionaries once drunkenly determined to make 2010 the year they get in shape give up and head back to their respective sofas and give me the workout facilities back.

Who am I kidding. I ain't barely done shit in weeks. I keep telling myself, "Self, don't sweat it. You are just taking some time off." Then self replies, "Time off from what shitface? It isn't like we're pulling 20 hour training weeks with 200 miles on the bikes, 50 on the feet and 5 in the pool plus weights, stretching etc. Our entire training regimen is essentially 'taking time off.'" "Self." I then reply. "Self, you are a dick."

Actually, with holidays and a week off for Dinnyland, it's no wonder I can't get my motor running. Let alone head out on the highway. But DL was another great time. Save for the 16 hour drive to SoCal, Wifey and Smarty Pants getting sick, the busy nights and eventually leaving the 70° temps. Smarty Pants was much more fun than the last time. She rode everything, even the Tower of Terror. Speaking of terror, not only did I survive the Princess Dinner at Ariel's Grotto, I finally met my nemesis, Jaws, at Universal Studios.

As for Christmas, the Dinny trip made shopping easier than ever. We didn't have enough money left to do much! AWESOME. Almost makes me want to take a vacation every year if it allows me to avoid the mall.

With that, what will my 2010 hold? I have goals. Goals beyond sport, even.
• I want to complete a half iron distance triathlon.
• I want to race an XTERRA event.
• I want to race a couple of mountain bike events.
• I want to complete a couple of half marathons (which I am already registered for. Take that Self!).
• Cyclocross in the fall.
• I want to finish my garage.
• I want to paint the bathrooms.

Time, motivation and money are my biggest obstacles. Mainly motivation. I really need to choose the rest of my events and get a training plan together. Or a coach. Maybe just a coach.

And I need to start looking for a new vehicle.
And a TT bike.
And a mountain bike.
And when did this New Year's post become a Christmas list?

Happy New Year.

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