December 6, 2009

It's Cold Again

Okay. I don't do this enough. But thanks to any and all who check in and see if I have had anything exciting enough happen that is worth mentioning. Truth is, I have. In my mind anyway...

So, a summary of recent event since my last post is in order...

- Winter has arrived in Utah, bringing with it the ususal score of idiots that forget that accumulated ice and snow on the roads makes said road surfaces slippery.

- I managed to survive another Christmas lights on the house adventure without shaking myself off the roof. Or simply falling. (I hate being off the ground. Even swimming I am off the ground, technically. Love/hate.)

- New shed, still no room in the garage. What the fuck there?

But things are happening and work is nuts and I am trying to fit in a little of this and that where I can.

I sat out pretty much the last cross race of the year yesterday at Fort Buenaventura. Alas, have to save cash for Christmas. Plus I am a little gunshy after my 0-3 finishing record this year. I am already looking ahead to 2010 and maybe a new Fisher Presidio. Maaayyybeee.

I realized the other day I hadn't swum since the J&J Tri in Septemeber and drug ass to the pool last week. Getting there is an accomplishment. I am still slow, but plan on going more as of tonight.

The Madone is sadly on the trainer. Sad for me. Not the bike.

The Titus is ready to hit the road and go to a farm where it can roam and be happy. Sadly, my last two ride on it have been fantastic enough to question my motives for selling it. Especially blizzard ride. That was so cool. If anyone needs a great deal on a great bike, I got one.

Still need to post some pics of the Racer.

Smarty Pants is a pistol. Wifey is looking awesome with her new workout schedule.

Congrats to Jenn and Craig on child #2. All our love.

And I am proud to say that I know two Ironman Age Group Winners. Katie and TOBY! You two rock. I hope one day to mimic your feat of Ironman glory. And get ready for KONA!

More later. I so promise.



Shaylee Hoellein said...

"Smarty Pants" and "Wifey." hahahahah

SchuckFamily said...

#2. What have we done? Good so far though.