August 7, 2009

Aaaayyyyyy Okay!

It appears I have emerged mostly unscathed from my, er, fall the other night. Some pain lingers, but overall, I feel purty good.

After skipping the pool on Wednesday in favor of muscle relaxers (never again unless my life depends on it and I have hours to sleep) I dove back in Thursday. I was taking it easy and watching for signs of discomfort and swam 1200 yards pain-free yards in the process. I planned on riding last night, but the weather had other ideas as a summer cold front blew in and brought severe winds, rain and lightning. My point to all of this, I think I'll be fine for the Snowbasin 50k.

Time to find a sitter and get registered.

On the home front, Smarty Pants starts pre-school in less than two weeks. Where have the last four years gone? And, Wifey and I are starting a weight-loss competition on Monday with some very interesting spoils going to the winner.

Gonna be a very interesting next couple of months, fo' sho'.

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