August 5, 2009

Well . . . CRAP!

Last night I fell down and went boom. While playing a game at a family party I slipped on some grass while running and fell on my side and elbow.

Though it didn't hurt immediately, it did later. And sure does now. The pain is along the inner edge of my left lat in the back/shoulder area. Initially, I had some trouble breathing and thought I might have cracked or dislocated a rib. But I think that would hurt worse. Range of motion is good, for the most part I have no pain doing most movements. I probably just pulled or tore something.

Just pulled or tore something...

Being on the DL is tough. I am not sure what I can do as far as training goes. I skipped swimming this morning because the muscle relaxer I took before bed would not let me wake up sufficiently to drive safely.

As I type, it is getting sore. I think the ibuprofen and muscle relaxer must be wearing off. I am going to pop another 800mg and am going to give running a shot today. Tomorrow I'll get back in the pool and try to go for a ride.

This is sort of a derailleur and my racing is now up in the air. If swimming hurts, the odds of doing a tri are poor. The Snowbasin 50k is doubtful also.

Or I could be feeling better in a couple of days. Guess I'll find out won't I?

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