August 11, 2009


I finally pulled the trigger and registered for a race. I know, it's tough to believe.

The Mt. Ogden 50k. Approximately 31 miles of Snowbasin's finest trails await me.

Unlike a triathlon, mtn. bike racing is well within my comfort zone because I can handle water in stream form. I know full well that I am not in shape to "race" this event and compete against anyone but my own self. But I am not worried about finishing in a respectable time. The course has been dumbed-down and the truly difficult climbing sections are gone. I would say that this course has nearly equal amounts of climbing and decending with possibly 2 miles per lap (there are two laps) that may require the small chainring.

Now comes the fun part: figuring out the logistics. Camelbak or bottles? What to drink, eat, when and where? Pacing. What to wear?

Don't misunderstand, just 'cuz I ain't racing to win, doesn't mean I ain't racing. However, my trick is to race hard enough to feel good about it, but not kill myself like I did in the Ogden Half Marathon this spring. Caution and dosing of my limited efforts is my stragety, and I'll test my decending skills a little more than normal since there shouldn't be a load of horses and hikers on the trail.

Plus, I haven't done a 30 mile "race" since my days as an Expert, which ended in about 2004.

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