October 23, 2008

So... Very... Busy...

The second half of my October consists of birthdays. Within three weeks I have no less than 8 that I have to contend with.

Actually 12-13 if you include that I have to celebrate Wifey's and Smarty Pants' 3 times each. Thanks divorce!

Factor in that my mantra is "darkness is for sleeping" and there has been no cyclocross racing, training, riding, running or swimming since the 24 Hours of Moab.

I'm jonesing to do things, but I'm also kind of a lazy ass that likes to sleep when it is cold and dark.

I did solve a neat puzzle though. And made a load of ice cream. I need to bake a cake tonight.

Yeesh. November 1 is the first day of 2009 for me.

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