November 4, 2008


So I'm sick again.

Worse, Wifey and Smarty Pants are both sick also.

This is getting ridiculous. I was sick the week before the 24 Hours of Moab also. I think this is a continuation. If it happens again then it's off to the doc.

I mentioned in the last post that November 1 would be a new beginning for me. Not so much now. I'll get over whatever I got first.

On the plus side, our trip to Dinnylan was fun. No children were harmed during the trip. The weather was great. The parks were pretty empty.

On the negative, the hotel sucked (except for the pool). There wasn't a market or even a gas station anywhere close which made buying snacks for the park and beer difficult. I needed a bike, wheels really improve transportation speed.

I'll get some pics posted just to prove we had fun.

Obviously being gone and sick there hasn't been much in the way of training. No cyclocross racing either. I wanted to ride Saturday but was faced with a shload of yardwork and a rainy forecast. So I took the high road and worked my ass off outside. It snowed again today, which makes me wonder if the 24 Hours of Moab wasn't my last mountain bike ride this year.

I hope not, we are heading to St. George for Thanksgiving and I really wanted to bring the bike with me. Escape might be important when confronted with my in-laws for four days...

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SchuckFamily said...

I can't believe you have snow! Hopefully it will head our way next.