September 26, 2008

"I don't want to go on the cart! I think I'll go for a ride"

I am slowly returning from the depths of snot hell. Slowly and snottily returning.

Two weeks to Moab and I am looking forward to the race. No trepidation. I feel pretty good other than my sinuses and jaw from my last dentist trip. I need to remind him that my jaw does not actually open 180°. It has been more than two weeks and it still hurts, but no Vitamin I yet today so I think I am improving.

I doubt I'll surpass my best ever 1:11 lap time on the course, but I am going to give it my best to be within a couple of minutes. I will definately be the slowest member on the team.

I decided to do something active today actually slipped out for a short ride during lunch. It was the first ride on my cyclocross bike since the crash during the alley cat race in July. It is amazing how far a little bit of back flexibilty goes. The handlebars on every bike I have feel high. The cross bike was way too high.

Maybe I can motivate myself to get up tomorrow morning and hit the trail pre-dawn. I still haven't tried out my new light.

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