September 27, 2008


Actually, I am running out of first time events to PR.

Today I ran my first organized 5k to benefit a fellow cyclist who was hit by a truck. The run was to raise some money offset their growing medical bills.

The Garmin 305 showed 2.98 miles in 22:38. I suck at math and haven't put the data into Motion Based, but that time is just over a 7 minute mile. I'm pleased with that.

Especially since I was pushing Smarty Pants in her stroller. She made it all of 7 minutes and wanted to go back. Well, Dad ain't that fast so she had to wait a while.

Still, it was for a good cause, and the auction afterwards netted me an oil change and 4-wheel alignment for only $80. I take my excitement where I can people...where I can.

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