September 7, 2008


Dedication is getting up at 4am, strapping the headlamp to the ol' Titus and heading out the door for a mountain bike ride. In the dark.

I'll actually be dedicated if I ever participate in such tomfoolery again.

Few things get me pemanently out of bed at 4am. The chance to get in a good duck or goose hunt, in someone's boat (paddling my poor man kayak won't get me out that early) is one thing.

Really that is the only thing.

Because what else do I enjoy doing, really, that requires getting up so early? Not. A. DAMN. Thing.

But it was so much fun. I couldn't eat anything proir to riding because the Duckboy's digestive gut parts were punching the snooze button, but what a great time to ride. No sharing the trail. Less than 900-degrees. I hope to be getting some badass Light & Motion lights this week, guess I might have to get up and go try them out before work soon.

And it's fantastic 24 Hours of Moab training. Especially for my lazy ol' guts.

All in, people. Can't wait.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Good to see you getting in touch with "darkness, Charlie Murphy".. Which l&m's you getting? I actually needed mine for lotoja or lotomo as it turned out