September 9, 2008

Officially Dedicated

I am officially dedicated. I woke up at 4am again and hit the trails this morning for two hours of riding before work. Hell, it even rained and we had two light failures, but we got it done.

I am also officially tired. Already. And it is only 9:45am. Today is either going to be insanely long or I'll sit here working in such a semi-stupor that it will be time to go home before I know it.

I am cooking jalapeno burgers for dinner. Never done it before.... Good thing I keep beer in hand. Yep, in hand, it's like on-hand except literally in my hand. Beer in one, spatula in the other.


Definitely won't be going riding tomorrow morning. Smarty Pants has already requested a breakfast of "marshmallow cereal" (Lucky Charms®) with me. How can I say no to that?

Of course, if I can get to the pool by 5:30 I can be back before she wakes up....

I keep trying to think of something at least entertaining to write here, but I think my brain is shot. Figuratively, of course.

Maybe my new lights will arrive today and wake me up a little, but probably not until tomorrow.

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