September 2, 2008


It officially feels like fall today. Here in the greater Ogden, UT region the highs today will be in the low to mid 70s.


We had a major storm roll through over the holiday weekend. Not Gustav-news worthy but it was the first real precipitation we've had for a while. We spent the weekend at Bear Lake and I have to say that the water is just unpleasantly cold, plus I forgot my wetsuit. Being in the new house I am still a little paranoid about inclement weather and being gone. I don't know if the roof is leaking or the basement is flooding or if the backyard was a cemetery and bodies will start coming out of the ground like in Poltergeist. I worry what I'll come home to.

Nothing but a house. Yayyyyyyy!

I spent over two hours last night hanging up a mirror in the family room. Or living room. Which is which? Is the room you eat and watch tv in the family or living room? Is the room you never set foot in except to clean or invite the missionaries and home teacher in to give you a lesson the living or family room? Whichever the latter one is is the one I don't need. I'd rather have the space for something else like my garage.

I digress....

Two fucking hours to hang a mirror. What a piece of holy shit this thing is! It weighs like 30 pounds. For once I actually got the holes and anchors exactly where I wanted them in the wall. They were even level. But the garbage mirror mounts weren't. And they were recessed like three inches into the frame. Basically this thing was next to impossible to hang, let alone hang level.

But I am proud of how I handled myself. No outbursts. No throwing. No breaking of anything. No scaring of Wifey and Smarty Pants.

I feel so mature.

Miraculously I was able to move through the 697 different ways I tried to hang this piece of shit calmly (mostly) while Wifey stood over me and Smarty Pants jumped up and down on my head (figuratively, she likes to "help").

So mature, so aged.

Moving on. Because I have so much shit to hang up that I know if I continue to dwell that I'll keep putting off doing it.

By the way, fall is my favorite time of year on so many levels. Riding, running, hunting, just a pretty season. Also, I think I need a duck boat. I am tired of paddling my kayak and Smarty Pants needs to learn to fish. She's way too into this Princess stuff, we need some green and camo to balance out the pink.

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