August 8, 2008

The Mile

I swam a mile in the pool this morning, non-the hell-stop. 66 lengths in a 25 yard pool. 33 laps. This was a first for me. I must admit, I'm pretty proud of myself. Especially since during the course of the workout, my stamina wasn't the toughest thing I had to overcome. It was the mind numbing back and forth of it. Fortunately, I was aided by the goal of getting through the mile. That is really what kept me going.

But I still have not registered to race XTERRA. And I may not.

I went riding last night at Snowbasin. I borrowed a new Trek Fuel Ex from The Bike Shoppe to thrash and see if it is something I want to invest in. Can't say it was, beause it rained and we ended up pushing completely mud-clogged bikes a couple of miles back to the road so I really only rode for about 40 minutes.

That mud sucked some ass, let me assure you.

AND I got NAILED by yet another biting insect. This time in the neck, and not 10 seconds into the ride. It is an itchy bitchy today.

So the bike was different to ride. It has about 1.5" more suspension travel than my current bike, a Titus Racer-X, a taller bottom bracket height and a slacker steering angle. The taller ride height and slacker angle made it more of a leaner rather than a turner, but was cool because it was much more stable going fast in a straight line and through corners. The stability was a plus, but I did miss the "twitchiness" of my Titus. I'll think about it, but I don't know that I'm ready to move away from a race bike just yet.

I was eating at McDonald's yesterday and I had a thought. I said "Self, you need to treat your body like a temple." Self replied "What do you mean? You do treat your body like a temple. A temple that is occasionally overrun by rampaging Visigoths."

There you have it. Time to rebuild the temple.

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