August 4, 2008


As much as I despise making a payment to a cellular phone company, I really need a new phone. Of course when you get a new phone, they nail you with a multiple year contract to get said phone at a realistic price.

What's a guy to do?

As much as I despise the aforementioned phone and contracts, I've been thinking about one of those fancy-schmancy iphones, or the equivalent. Something that I can put reminders in and may actually benefit me by letting me know when something important is coming up. Like a birthday, sorry Dad!

The "big" news is that my epididymitis-ed testicle is approaching normal size and not nearly as tender as it was last week. It's back to being the leathery, tobaccey-chewin' nut of yore, always ready to lend a hand or shout an insult to someone that needs to be taken down a notch. Always writin' checks his nut-ass can't cash he is... Actually, after motorcycling in this morning, there was a little discomfort so I thought I'd give running a couple more days.

I've been doing some open water swimming lately. It's been going well. I got in a little more than a mile last Friday. I need some rest breaks and am not breaking any records, but I feel pretty good. I hit the pool this morning and ripped off a 1000 yard set with no problems. Funny thing is, as I type this and think about swimming, I am more comfortable when I am in the water than when I think about it.

That is an insight into my head. I'm a bit strange.

The decision I have to make this week is about my nemesis, XTERRA. I have to register by Sunday night. If I race I'll be doing the short course because I really haven't been "training." That's a mere 750 meters in the lake. I know I can do it because I've been doing it. But that first five minutes in the water gets me every time. I'm not scared so much of the water right now, I'm scared of failing another swim.

Ahhhhh... decisions.

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