July 20, 2008


It is Sunday afternoon and I have to say that I am worked. Physically I am a broken man. Worked-ed.

It started on Thursday with an innocent road ride up the Morgan Valley to an old church. Coming back it devolved into a fight for survival against a headwind. I am not a big guy, so headwinds hurt my widdle wegs.

Friday I got more of the same with a 4 mile trail run. Unfortunately it was hot and I spent most of my effort digesting a steak from my company party. A steak and not 1 but 2, count 'em 2 eclairs.

Saturday I met some friends and faced off with my old nemesis - Pineview Reservoir. After my initial freak-out, I mellowed into a long, solid stroke - keeping the bank within reach and the bottom in sight mind you - and swam to and from the dam. Coming back was into a good current. Then, with my confidence brimming the top of one of those little cups you get at the dentist when you spit in the basin, we did it again, only I stayed out from the bank this time and couldn't see bottom. This, dear friends, is huge for me. Another triathlon could still be in my future. Swimming was followed up by a 6.25 mile trail run from the truck up Wheeler Creek to Maples and down Ice Box. Lots of uphill.

Lastly, today I hit one of my favorite mountain bike loops. North Ogden Divide down to Pineview up Skyline and back into the divide. About 2 hours of getting my ass handed to me by a new guy (I knew I would, I fear anyone who rides a new hardtail), soild climbing, some flat road and about 45 minutes of great descending.

Overall the last 4 days have been awesome. But I need a break. Or at least a recovery ride. Or a beer. A beer would be good. I'm gonna go have a beer right now.

And then I am putting up chair rail the "rest" of today.

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SchuckFamily said...

Maybe we can buy you a beer on Wednesday night? The Wednesday after this that is - we even have a sitter!