July 17, 2008

Ear We Go!

Of all the shit luck, I have an ear infection.

I don't get ear infections.

So what the F*&#?

Speaking of "what the F*&#," what the F*&#? is it with these idiots in the Tour de France? Three doping positives, with one being a rising star, Ricardo Ricco. I'll just say he seems like a little a-hole anyway and this comes as no surprise. Still, the fact that guys are being nailed, then they do a room search on one and find a pharmacy (amoxicillin to share please?) is very telling. I have been a firm believer in Floyd Landis, but with every positive my faith dims a little.

Sorry, I know neither of my loyal readers gives a warm-water enema about cycling, but it's the only sport I really follow. And I'm a guy and guys need sports, even if the players wear gaudy lycra suits.

Yeah, ear infection, I have never had an ear infection in my limited memory. This is making me nuts. It's frigging July, not exactly ear infection season. I can't decide whether to ride tonight or head to the infirmary to make sure my brain isn't trying to escape through my eustation tube. Still swimming, but wearing earplugs to minimize water entry which is probably a good idea anyway.

On the bright side, Smarty Pants is making headway in potty training. She is getting to where she'll hold it, but doesn't always like to go, so it's a weird thing to have to deal with. But we are headed in the right direction. That direction being the elimination of diapers, specifically smelly one that I need to handle, with my hands.

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