July 25, 2008

What Next?

This is turning out to be a banner summer for physical issues, folks.

I have swimmer's ear in my left ear. This is bad. There are few things worse than swimmer's ear. I am fighting it but don't feel like I am winning. Aside from the pain and discomfort, it messes with my swimming.

Riding yesterday, I was halfway through a 5x5 strength interval when I had a wasp enter a vent in my helmet. I stuck my finger in the vent and grabbed it before it could sting my head, but it got my birdie finger.

There is a cloud of obsenity over east Layton and the Great Salt Lake still. And I'm sure that somewhere a baby cried.

My finger is still fat.

At least it doesn't affect my swimming.

XTERRA is coming fast. I still haven't decided to register or not. I know I should, and try and kick that swim demon I have. Still, I need to make sure I avoid failure this time.

Ear be damned. I need to get into the lake this weekend. VanGogh painted with one, I can swim with an ouchie in one.

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