July 15, 2008


Wow. I have been busy lately. I'm still finding a little time to train and keep up with things around the house, but work has gotten way busy and deadlines are starting to loom and cast a pallor on my other wise sunshiney-ass day.

I wish I could say I've had fun and exciting things happen lately, but I'm married so the best thing lately has been Wifey's new game she likes to play. Yeah, it's called Count Duckboy's Gray Hairs. "Oooohhhh, one, two three (starts to whisper-count). Wow, you have a lot of gray hairs in your sideburns, you are getting old! Oh my, look at your beard!" (More whisper-counting.)

I never knew she was so observant.

I never really cared much about shaving. I do now. My head could be next. Is 34 that old???

On the brighter side, I actually made it on a ride the other day. With an actual neighbor.

For the two, maybe three people that read this stuff you might remember the post about neighbors. I actually rode with the guy. It was fun and no deaths to be reported. He did well for it being his first trail ride of the year and kept all his skin intact. I, however, did a slow-speed fall over and jacked-up my thum-bee, and took a chip out of my carbon seatpost. So now I'll be riding in fear of it splintering and sending shards into my nether regions. Of course, this would occur at the furthest possible point from rescue.

Time to buy a new bike. I wish.

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