July 9, 2008

Only I

Only I can take a 5 minute sprinkler fix and turn it into an hour ordeal. Only I can install a short riser, break it, end up digging up the lawn, cutting the line with the shovel, and fixing it, only to think I have a leak now. Only I will have to go home and check for leaks, turning the hour ordeal into an even longer ordeal.

I hate lawns and landscaping. I swear if Wifey would allow I'd have a condo. No more grass. No more weeds. No more stress about having the shittiest looking lawn in the cul-de-sac. Just more time to ride bikes, run and swim. Maybe even work on bikes and motorcycles. Or wash my truck. Or my motorcycle.

Speaking of swimming, people that make it look effortless baffle me. There's a dude at the pool that is in his 40s and is obviously a "swim champ." (Quoting Bolder.) Guy just strokes away and makes it look incredibly easy passing me and passing me some more. And I just flail and struggle. It sort of sucks and I constantly have to remind myself that the amount of time I have spent actually able to swim comfortably is a drop in the pool compared to most people I see at 5:30 am. Really, I've only been comfortable in the pool since last June, and basically took October-June off.

Honestly, how much can I expect from myself? I guess I just hate to be less than even marginal. Only one thing to do, swim more! I have to do at least one triathlon this year and the swim must be successful. I don't think I can handle another winter living with failure.

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