May 30, 2008

An itch in time

Watching the weather this morning shows high temps in the 70s-80s for the next week. Perhaps spring has finally made it to Utah? In June, no less. Not really a big deal to most people, or the incredibly motivated, but for me poor weather presents some issues. Notably I don't like being cold. Or wet. Therefore being cold and wet together are right out. And that's been "spring" in Utah this year, mostly cold and wet. And why I barely planted my garden last weekend. Which means I'll be dining on fresh beans and radishes in oh, September. Just about the time my sunflowers bloom.

With spring here I am hoping to get more AM rides and trail runs in. Or maybe get to the pool. Not that cold matters when the pool is indoors, it is a question of motivation. Speaking of AM workouts, I have a question I need to throw out: I get itchy when I work out in the morning.

Really itchy. All over, Really really itchy. And it drives me nucking futs. I carry a Nathan Hydration belt, not to drink the water but to dump it on me to alleviate the itch. It lasts for about 20 minutes and blessedly goes away.

Does anyone else out there have this problem? Is there a cure? It think it could be dehydration after not drinking for 8 or so hours while asleep, or dry skin caused by my refusal to use moisturizers. But because it is mostly my arms and legs it's hell trying to run and itch at the same time. Or ride and itch. I've even been doing laps in the pool and had to scratch.

This is going to be a busy weekend. I'm hoping to paint Smarty Pant's bedroom and finally get my garage organized. I'm nothing without my garage, which is a far cry from the garage in the last house. All finished, painted floor, wider, deeper. I had room for everything. Not so much anymore.

But I will get a ride in.

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