June 2, 2008

Or Not...

Perhaps I spoke too soon about spring. This is going to be another difficult training week along the Wasatch Front as high temps are supposed to dip back into the 50s this week. 50s in June, wow.

SO! The weekend was excellent. Great weather and good times. We had a birthday party for my father-in-law which had me manning the grill and feeding revelers for a couple of hours. During which I discovered that my toes are still bruised a little from the marathon and flops weren't the best footwear choice. But since the brats take a beer bath before they see the grill I kept my senses nice and lubricated. And when the beer ran out a smooth transition was made to Coke and whatever. Anyhoo, the party was great and the bands rocked. It turned out to be a total surprise for him.

Sunday had me on the mountain bike for about 2 hours. It would have been less but it was freaking busy on the Ogden Bench. Lots of hikers and bikers. And smarmy hikers at that. I'm very polite when meeting fellow trail users so any attitude I get is unjustified. Especially when it can be avoided if their dog(s) were leashed. No kidding, one couple had 6 dogs running around up there, off leash. I saw no poop sacks either. Thanks. Reason #297 why I HATE PEOPLE. But I love dogs.

Off the bike and on to a 30 minute run. First brick of the year. I may not do any racing this year, but my friends will and if a brick will help them have a better time at Vikingman this weekend, I'll do what it takes.

I did nothing around the house. My weekend was pretty much decided for me. I guess I didn't NEED to ride yesterday, but I'll guarantee my house is happier because I did.

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