May 28, 2008

Fall Out

Last night I lost my first toenail. This, of course, is a result of the Ogden Marathon. Now, it's a small price to pay for meeting my goals of finishing and going sub-4 but I gotta say it feels weird not having a nail. Wearing a sock is driving me crazy. Walking is painless, just creepy.

I meant to get into the pool this morning but didn't quite make it. I set the alarm for 5, but unconsciously beat the alarm for nearly an hour and barely managed a 6 wake-up. I'm bad. This time of year is the worst when it comes to waking up, the air is cool and the bed is warm.

I have not been in the pool since March and since my skills and confidence in the water are deplorable, so I'm really reconsidering my triathlon goals for the year. I promise a "race" schedule this week, once I decide how much time I'm really willing to put in this year. I need to have some goals or nothing will get done, except the ever growing honey-do list.

As for recent activity, Sunday was a great day and I got out for 50 miles on the road bike with Katie and Damy (married couple Dave and Amy). I had a mountain bike ride planned for Monday morning but would have needed an Ark to find a trail. Just a little run yesterday at lunch which confirmed what I knew: my knees still hurt. I'll be taking it easy for a while, at least until I figure out where I am taking this summer.

Smarty Pants is putting more miles on her bike lately than I am. She does great for only being 2.5. She rides up and down the sidewalk with her pink helmet, jumping off to look at bugs. Jumping off is much easier now that she uses the coaster brakes instead of literally jumping off the bike while it's moving.

I'll see if I can get some video up for all to see.

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Nytro said...

losing toenails is just another item in the long list of reasons that RUNNING SUCKS.