August 21, 2013

The Beard that Keeps on Giving

I'm over the beard.

I'm tired of the Duck Dynasty references. The hipster jabs. Really tired of the gray in it. Drying it, trimming it. Combing out the snarls.

Yet the beard remains. It remains because my back fat remains. My weak attempts at weight loss fail. The 10 pounds I wanted to lose to shave it have now become 13 pounds.

But I am out of the rut I was in. Now, I'm just busy doing ... stuff. Projects and work taking my exercise time. Not that I am battling to find more time, mind you.

I need goals. I need to have an end before I can start. Climbing onto my bike for a ride is great, but the furthest thing from my mind is an interval. No goal, no schedule. Just flitting along day by day. It has merit, you know.

Still, it's time to lose the weight and shave the beard.

1 comment:

SchuckFamily said...

The beard is back man. Officially.