April 5, 2010

I am such a wuss

Spring is in full fling in Utah, and dangerously close to becoming a repeat of last year. It went: winter 'til April, spring from April 'til June, effing hot until November.

I'm watching it snow right now. Honestly, two months ago I would have just gone running in it. Now, I've tasted 70s. I've run in shorts. And one of the last things I want to do is go out and attempt to ride or run in this foul weather. Instead I'll take a mental beating and ride the trainer. And maybe run on the treadmill. In succession.


I will be at the pool tomorrow. In that instance being wet is the right idea. It's coming along well too. I've suddenly acquired the ability to swim with a two-beat kick. Which is awesome. I also no longer feel like the slowest person in the water, save for the old ladies that use the pool for social hour on their kickboards. Doing such a small bit of effort isn't even worth smelling like chlorine for. Just take a walk girls, it would be much better for you.

Nothing profound. Or profaned to say this day. I'm in a funk.

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