October 7, 2009


Cyclocross is hard. More so when I race with the fast guys because the start time better fits in with my life. Even then 'cross is fun in a strange, hurt yourself kinda way.

Race #1 was of the Utah Series Utah Series was last Saturday and, since it was a local Ogden race, I went. And got beaten soundly. It was my own fault.

I am a slacker, and I didn't get out of bed quite as early as I should have, plus I didn't really pay attention to the classes. And I forgot just how old I am. Or blocked it. Anyhoo, I showed up to race the Men's B group because the 1:00 start time meshed with my lazy ass better than the 9:30 Men's C start time. Little did I realize that I could easily have raced the Masters B 35+ at 10:30 and probably gotten beat just as badly. But maybe not quite as badly because there might have actually been some guys my age racing against me instead of a group of 20-somethings without wives, kids, real jobs and mortgages that do nothing except spend every dime they have on carbon 50mmm tubular wheels and two bikes set up identically. I would much rather be beaten by guys in the same boat as I am in, and with more dedication than I have. I like an even playing field.

In spite of once again having the realization that I am no longer a bike racer ground into my face, the race was fun. Nothing eventful happened, except when I got to throw some elbows with a dude that races Pro-class mountain bike when he was passing me. But that is part of the game. Oh, and I flatted with a lap and a half to go. Which was a bummer.

Thanks to my sister in law, Shaylee, for the pics and watching Smarty Pants while I goofed off. You'll notice in the second pic, I am off the back right at the start.

The real bitch here, is that I have tried twice now to repair the damn tube and my tire keeps going flat and I can't find a reason why. Maybe it is time to go tubeless?

And here is a teaser... the Schwinn Racer project is nearly done! Assembly is completed and I should have pedals this week. With luck, I'll be riding it this weekend. If I survive 'cross race #2, you can stop by at 10:30 and watch me compete in the Masters class.

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Shaylee Hoellein said...

FIX THAT BIKE TIRE!! I want to race, too, sometime...