October 14, 2009

'Cross Race #2

Two races. Two flats. Cyclocross race #2 was uneventful in the sense that my race lasted all of 5 minutes when I pulled out with yet another flat. Not sure how this happened. After fixing the first flat, not once, but twice, I put in a new tube. Problem solved, right? Wrong. The tire held air all week, until race day. Dig this.

I air up the tires to 50 psi in the back of the truck because, you know, I don't want to risk a flat. Next, I carry the bike across the parking lot to the course. Then, I set the bike down on the starting line and throw a leg over the top tube and the tire is almost flat.


Now before you think I am a dumbass for not checking the tire for thorns, I did. Multiple times. The tube had a very small failure where the valve stem is glued to the tube. Just bad luck. Not the first or last bad luck I had on Saturday, either. In fact, Saturday pretty much was the shittiest day I've had in about the last 6 months. I digress...

So I rode most of a single lap before pulling out. Again. At least last week I got to do most of the race. And I now have a backyard tubeless setup in place that I am trying out.

- Stan's rim tape to seal the spoke holes
- 4 rubber rim strips to build up the rim bed, 26" size for a tighter fit
- UST valve stems
- Stan's tire sealant

I am hoping to get out to the fairgrounds race course soon to test the tubeless out. I need to make sure the tires don't roll off the rim unexpectedly causing me to die. But so far, so good! I am looking forward to a pinch flat free 45 psi and excellent protection from flats. Crossing fingers.

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